Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Follow this link and you will see me digitally blushing and tossing gratitude glitter around for the kind words of Julia bestowed to Quietfire Design.
Again, my humble thanks.
To get as happy and as inspired as Julia, please join us next week on our Blog Hop with Scrapbook Adhesives.
I'd love to send a prize off to a desker friend of mine, and the inspiration is priceless!

To prove that I can in fact follow the rules, above is a totally unstaged photo of my desk, complete with projects that must be finished yesterday, paperwork that needed to be dealt with yesterday, poetry journals waiting to be filled, and my distraction of the day, a kumihimo set I got at the thrift shop for $4 with tons! of craft thread in gorg colors and 8 cardboard color coded disks to to the braiding.
And I'm keeping it short.
Oh- great excitement about the upcoming Anni and ATC swap.
I'll be making one for my neighbor, one for Julia, and one for anyone else you leaves a comment sand says "I'd love to swap"
Comment and Questions always welcomed.


  1. lol.. your funny.. mine is always unstaged.. who has time for that. I cant even keep mine clean. lol Ok let me see if I can get into this blush on here. Roberta # 4 and Journal #5
    Have a super great one !!

  2. ok am I missing something.. it just gives me a bigger photo of the add? Help

  3. Lots of great things on your desk a real hive of activity. Have a lovely week.
    Sandra @8

  4. ah, my kind of desk! And I love thrift shop finds!
    happy WOYWW!
    peggy aplSEEDS@17

  5. I clicked on the link Julia left for the stamps and the two I wanted had both sold out!
    Lovely busy creative desk ... Love it
    Jackie 22

  6. Love your desk, so much to snoop through. #34

  7. Hi Robyn, I 'm in love with those script stamps toooo, want to find a supplier in Australia. You're desk just shows that you're a very busy person and as I read a thrift shop scrounger...it's fun and you just never know what you might find. Have a super week Cheers RobynO#24

  8. Wow I could dig (snoop really) around there on your desk and have heaps of fun. You have one of my favourite decoupage pastes on your desk, the sign of a brilliant artist to me.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 21

  9. I love a busy desk always look so creative. I spy a peacock feather stencil at the top right, well I think I do, and a cut feather bottom right - I have a thing about feathers, so delicate.
    Just thanked Julia for letting me know where we can get Quietfire stamps over here, I have a few that I sent for from the US and they are my favourites.
    Ann B

  10. Just telling it as I found it Robyn..am very gratified to see the positive interest they've received. It's OK, it won't go to my head, I know it's the stamps and not the stamper!! Your desk looks FAB! I love that you collect poetry, something we should all make time for..and of course, amidst all of your everyday stuf that needs doing by yesterday, you find time and room for a handful of fresh flowers. Lovely.

  11. Aaw no need to blush we've all been there - anyhow all I saw was the daffodil!! Don't you just love Spring? I'm a bit behind with everything WOYWWwise but f we're swapping ATCs I'd love to. I'm starting a list right now! Happy WOYWW Cindy #58

  12. Oh Robyn, between you and Julia I feel my resolution not to buy anymore stamps is seriously in danger of being broken. There is so much going on on your desk, very creative stuff.
    Chris #35

  13. Robyn you have a lot going on and so much a look at the cut out you have hanging I keep looking at it's wonderful and I agree looking forward to the atc swap too :)
    hugs Nikki 10

  14. I saw those Quietfire stamps at Julia's today..they are fab. The text is so beautiful! And I'm not even a papercrafter, lol!!
    Love your desk...ooh, all those possibilities....
    Hugs, LLJ 41 xx

  15. Wonderfully encouraging desk here, Robyn. So much going on here - looks like a lot of fun is to be had.
    Margaret #32

  16. I love your desk, looks like all kinds of things are about to happen there. Happy crafting, Angela #59

  17. Messier the better I reckon! Love your large stencil hanging up, do you know what it is called please? Have a great week.
    Dawn #61

  18. I have no idea what a kumih... thingy is but I do love a bargain! I saw your cut out on Julia's blog and had to come for a look see. I have a cameo but I'm not very good on it yet. I LOVE your cuts! #46

  19. Great looking desk...so busy and messy! I always wonder how anyone gets anything done when it is so spot on clean!
    I love snooping through all the stuff too and if it is put away...well it is poor snooping. Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Vickie aka okienurse #72


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