Friday, August 15, 2014

Deepest Desire is for Peace

My dear friend Diane sends me the most heartfelt cards. This one went directly into my everyday journal and onto Poetry Journal Monthly.
Please give a visit over there-I'm needing more poetry in my life!

Woman's Work 
Send the camouflaged men home
Ship the guns back
Let the metal rust
Defuse the bombs
Detonate the mines.
Sands shifting with a new wind.
Gone! Gone! Gone are the ghosts.

Array the women in silver
daughters of the world's Great Goddesses
Bearing medicines and gruel
see their hidden sisters int he shadows
Hear them shout across the line
"Do your children have enough to eat?"
by Lyrion Ap Tower

As I began to enter this post, an ant crawled across the monitor. My first impulse was to reach out and smash it.
Breath in, Breath out.
I went and got a cup and paper and carried the ant out.
She is, after all a mother wanting to feed her children.

Feed my lambs.

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  1. Ah, this is beautiful. And I was impressed you saved an ant. My friend Sally puts out ant killer to get rid of hers. She would not approve of your action, but I DID. This is beautiful and such a dramatic, yet surreal poem.

    1. Thanks. Living in a Buddhist refuge helped me to be mindful of harm to all beings. It's a practice.


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