Friday, February 6, 2015

Poetry Journal Monthly- February 2015-Glad Gold Hearts, Green Laughter

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The fallen leaves that jewel the ground.
They know the art of dying.
And leave with joy their glad gold hearts,
In the scarlet shadow's lying.

When hunger calls my foot steps home,
the morning follows after.
I swim the seas within my mind.
And the pine trees laugh green laughter

Verses from ,October Song, by Robin Williamson.
Poetry Journal page by June Etta Chenard.

June Etta is a long time spiritual sister and inkster!

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  1. You asked for it, here it is (grin).

    Love what you showed. It is great. Thank June for this inspiration.

  2. sorry I should have read the guidelines before entering.. I did not mention Poetry Journal Monthly... I just remembered you mentioning it in a comment to me. Will do better next time:)

    1. No worries Linda! and link up as many times as you want! Thanks for linking! I love that page!


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