Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tropical Tuesday- It takes two to Mango!

It's freezing snowing and blowing in Prime Publishing land, so they invited us all to post our warmest tropical crafts and recipes.
Tho the weather here is mild, I've had a hankering for 
Tropical Fruit Salad.

1 can organic mango
left over cranberry sauce!
1 pint fresh organic Florida Strawberries
freshly grated coconut-a gift from Florida!
1 organic banana
3 chopped medjool dates

Of course you can add whatever you have.
Let it sit for awhile if you can to marry the flavors.
Adding a few Little Bee tropical flowers adds to the festivities!

The card is a
You will find lots of info and words of  kindness, truth and bravery to download at this link.
At the end of the day using what is left on my desk, I make at least one card and try to give one away to a Brave Girl everyday.
The act of giving to people I don't know, as well as ones I do has helped me to be Brave, and who knows how much Bravery has been born by this RAK.

Thanks for visiting today, and I hope you will take some time to scroll around and see what else is happening at Casa Rainbow.
I'd love you to join in my
There be prizes for comments!

Comments and Questions always welcomed!

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  1. What a lovelytropical recipe!Your cards are cute!I'll try to join your Poetry Journal.Love Poetry so much!


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