Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hearts in spite of myself -My Religion is Kindness-RAK winners and more.......

DT sister Bad Sherry suggested I use my Chickenwire from MD Craft and Hobby in a frame.
 I've been pulling out piles and reorganizing and getting rid of a lot of stuff!

Materials and Supplies
  • Clean frame and remove backing.
  • Cover backing with embossed paper.
  • Cut chickenwire to size and place in frame opening overlapping the frame just a bit.
  • Replace backing.
  • Cut "kindness" from the Silhouette file
  • Glue in a few places on the chicken wire.
  • Admire!

WhenI make a new structure I like to make a sample first, out of whatever paper I have laying around.
Not so with digital cutting. Cameo requires quality paper.
This was bumming me out as I was wasting a lot of expensive paper on samples and design ideas and mess-ups!
My clean out uncovered lots of good paper that who knows how it got here, and I've never used it as I don't like it very much, and I now have a very respectable pile of paper for "dummies".
The down side is this could justify buying paper stacks with patterns that don't especially appeal to me!

I said I was sick of hearts and I am not saving the bits left from this cut!

The set and the back of the card, with double sided gold paper I have been saving for a dogs age!
 Front of the card
 The favor box and tag.
I couldn't decide about the heart embellishment
 2 hearts?
 or 4?
RAK! Leave me a comment and I'll send you the box.
(I'll pick one commenter)
 Stamp storage ideas!
A funny thing happened on the way to the stamps.
The box got full of stuff!
I need a label that says stuff!

Lots more on the files and mat shots at

RAK winners from last week are
Send me an email( in my google profile) with your mailing info, and which card you would like.

Comments and Questions Welcomed!

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