Monday, March 2, 2015

Poetry Journal Monthly March 2015- Strawberries - T is for Tuesday

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This poem was copied from memory after a 30 day silent retreat.
I'm about to go back into silence as the earth is coming out of hers.

I was planning on re journaling this page, and it didn't happen, and so dear readers, please share with the poetry you have- it doesn't have to be fancy or right.
You want to share it and I want to read it!


Strawberries are too delicate to be picked by machine.
The perfectly ripe ones bruise at even too heavy a human touch.
And then I understood one day, that every strawberry I had ever eaten
Every piece of fruit
had been picked by callus human hands.
Every piece of bread
Every drop of wine
represents someones knees
Someones aching back and hips
Someone with a bandana on her arm to wipe away the sweat.
We cannot get away from the truth
that the only way we can live
Is to feed one another.

Alison Luterman

Strawberries are in season from Florida and so far this year are sweet and succulent!
My drink is a cranberry sour cherry juice, tart and refreshing.
I probably wouldn't pair them and it made a good photo!
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T is for Tuesday

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  1. Ah, what a beautiful poem. I was impressed because I also learned something about picking strawberries, too. No wonder they are so precious to us.

    Cranberry, sour cherry sounds OK, but I think I'll stick with something warm, since it's so very cold here. I'm sure as the weather warms, this will sound so much more enjoyable. I do love the photo, though.

    I'll be back sometime this month with something to share for Poetry Journal Monthly. And as always, I appreciate you, your strawberries, and your art for T on (nearly) Tuesday.

  2. The poem is very thoughtful and also thought provoking. Thank you for sharing it.
    I love strawberries.
    My Wee Man, sometimes comes out with random poems and I have to be quick at writing then down, or very persuasive to get him to repeat it so I can write it down. The first one I ever heard was when he was two years ago when he was five and we were stood out on a frosty night awaiting a taxi cab to take us home after his fun club had finished. We were just stood there and he started speaking, I was so moved, I remembered most of it straight away then managed to get him to repeat it because he was delighted with my awe, I will share it with you here; he called it, 'The Stars are Twinkling'
    Everything is silent
    Everything is calm
    The stars are twinkling
    The moon is shining
    The lights are lighting up
    The sky is very beautiful

    Hope you enjoyed that Robyn :o)

  3. such a lovely poem. I do love tart cherry juice- but I really thought your glass had red wine in it:) The French (aka my Mom's family) would serve strawberries with red wine and the wine would be poured over a bowl of strawberries.Yum! Happy T day!

  4. Very pretty poem. I used to write poems IONS ago, someday I'll did some out and share....maybe...LOL
    Happy T-day

  5. Enjoyed the poem, it speaks the truth. I look forward to strawberry season here. Not quite yet but soon.


  6. Beautiful and thought provoking poem.
    We indeed all connected.
    You've reminded of years ago when we would go to an organic farm and pick our own strawberries...
    what a treat that was.
    Happy T Day
    and Happy March dear Robyn

  7. Oops = We ARE indeed all connected...

  8. Yum strawberries! Lovely poem.We have to wait until late June for fresh picked strawberries around here. Such a short growing season.
    Happy T day!

  9. I tend to avoid poetry, but I'll listen to yours while I'm admiring those tasty strawberries. It won't be long now til strawberries are in season here. :)

  10. I love the poem - it reminds me of a holiday job my friend and I had when students - we picked strawberries in a field from 9am to 4pm - we were allowed to take some home each day for the 3 weeks we did it - I still love strawberries! Your drink interests me - red cherries are supposed to good for gout sufferers (I have been know to have it a couple of times) since I started including red cherries in my diet no gout!! A drink would be great so I'll look out for it! Happy T day! Chrisx

  11. a lovely poem...and delectable photo!

  12. Love the photo and a very thought provoking poem. I'm a little late for tea... packing you know.... :) But since Thursday is another 'T' day i thought
    i might get by with it. :) Happy Belated Tday my dear! Hugs! deb


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