Saturday, March 28, 2015

SOLD-36" LeClerc 8 Harness Rear Hinge Treadle Loom for Sale, near Asheville, NC-$2000

Excellant condition
asking $2000
($3840 new)
Second owner
36" weaving width
Come and get it and we'll talk extras.
This design features the Treadles anchored at the rear of the Loom, with a new unique, Rocker mechanism that insures even tension on all Treadle Cords with the Treadles in both the rest or depressed position. This new design provides the weaver with the ease of Leg Treadling multi Shaft designs, comparable to that of a 4 shaft. In addition, a wide, clean shed is obtained on all Shafts. Using a new procedure, the new Treadle design retains the folding feature designed into the original Nilus II.

Specifications and Dimensions:
- Weaving width     36" (90 cm),
- Number of heddles     1000, 
- Loom Width     47" (119 cm), 
- Depth when open     48" (122 cm), 
- Depth when folded     27½" (70 cm), 
- Height Jack-type     49" (125 cm)
- Front height     34½" (87 cm),
- Net weight     158 lbs (72 kg)

Email ( in my Google Profile)me for more info and appt to come see the loom.
or leave a comment with contact info.

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