Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Clap if you believe....15 Minute Wonders

I believe!
One morning, early, long ago, I got a frantic phone call from my neighbor, she couldn't find her 2 year old Melissa.
We had talked about fairies in the garden, and I explained that humans are big and loud and fairies like soft and small.
We found Melissa sitting very quietly and small, back in the wild part of the garden talking to the fairies!

I had planned to leave room on this tag to stamp the sentiment, and I forgot in the heat of the cut and paste!

Atitude and Altitude!
You can sketch the files as well as cut.
I minimized the word to fit on the tag.
More details and almost daily inspiration at Quietfire Creations.

From the Silhouette Yahoo group

Ladies, if you have a cameo and it cuts great sometimes and then completely weird sometimes, you need to make sure there isn't still a piece of packing tape on your motor bos. It interferes with the sensor and can do exactly what you describe. Yes, even if you've had your machine for years it may still be there and may only cause an issue sometimes. Turn your machine off, slide the motor to the middle and look on the left side. It's kinda hard to see because it's a dark see through tape. If it's there, remove it and throw it away. Then move that box back and forth a few times, all the way to the end each time. Only do that with the machine off. If that doesn't solve anything let us know here and I have a few more ideas. 
I’ve never had this problem, and sure enough- there was a piece of tape on there and I removed it!
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