Wednesday, March 4, 2015

WOYWW 300! Live Long and Prosper!

A hour ago there was nothing on my desk.
My plan was to show you an empty desk, and ask for your prayers as I prepare to enter into a time of silent retreat.
I decided last week to use this title, and then we got the news that Mr. Spoke was beamed up for the last time!
Then Suzanne sent me this weeks files.

Only for you dead deskers- raw photo, unglued unposed- my crafters soul laid bare on my desk!
May it be so for us all!

All these files are ON SALE- tho I heard the site has crashed ! 

Poetry Journal Monthly
don't come hungry!

Could be finished cards will appear Thursday!
The small neat pile of stuff middle right is the beginning what I need to take with me to taping three segments of Craft Corner, a local TV spot.

Forgive me if my visiting is sparse for the nest few weeks.

Comments and Questions welcomed!


  1. I've seen people posting bills on line altering our money into spook look a likes on our $5 dollars it's a pretty good likeness too Great desk today with all that fancy script work
    Hugs Nikki No # yet Happy WOYWW 300 !!!

  2. Always better to see a busy not quiet desk! Have a good week. Helen 5

  3. love a busy desk more to be nosy at :)
    happy WOYWW
    Love Mrs.C.xx

  4. Your desk looks very busy but clean, if that makes sense, Love the photo of the hand, sad about Mr Spock my SIL will be upset, she is a Trekkie!
    Jan S no 49

  5. Hi I'm trying to visit everyone on this special WOYWW. Was sad re Mr Spock. Anne x #38

  6. Hi I'm trying to visit everyone on this special WOYWW. Was sad re Mr Spock. Anne x #38

  7. That was such sad news about Mr. Nemoy! I adored that character. Sweet card. And I just love the blues and purples on your desk - very calming. Happy WOYWW #300! Sandy Leigh #58

  8. Your tribute to Lenard Nemoy as Mr. Spock looks awesome! It is sad when such a iconic person passes. Your desk is looking buy anyway and good luck on the filming of the show. Shel - paperocotillostudio #25

  9. Awesome tribute to Mr Spock there! I love all the bright Springlike colours on your desk's good colour therapy :-)
    Wishing a happy 300th edition of WOYWW!
    Hugs, LLJ 7 xxx

  10. I am also a Star Trek fan. Busy and organized can go together. great to meet you and thanks for sharing.

    Happy 300 WOYWW.
    Pat #83

  11. Hi Robyn happy 300th WOYWW, Spock's hand will live on with us all, lovely stuff happening there on your desk Cheers RobynO#14

  12. I was truly saddened to hear about Spock dying for the final time. I think he did live long and I'm fairly certain he prospered. Even so, he will be missed by many of us who love sci-fi. I adore the bulb you forced on your desk. You have truly made it feel like spring, even though I'm digging out from another 3 inches of snow from this morning. Happy 300th WOYWW from #3.

  13. Looks amazing such fresh colours. Take care Zo xx 55

  14. Any visiting is a bonus, please don't think you need forgiveness for not doing so.
    Live long and prosper...oh one hopes a life well lived for every one huh. I hope you get a lot of peace from your retreat.

  15. What a lovely tribute to Leonard!


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