Monday, May 9, 2011

Tooth Brushing

I was going to take this week off from entering the Created Byhand Challenge.
An international conference WARP- Weave a Real Peace, Mother's Day, Deadline for a garment in the Southern Highland Guild annual fashion show on Fiber Days.
and then I got a new punch-the sheep- and the ink took over and here it is.
Pure whimsey.
I'm not going to take the time to link to everything so if you have a question leave a comment.
I lined the paper with markers, stamped some flourishes, harlequins and Art, punched and embellished.
In my Spirituality and Art retreats I often say you wouldn't go to bed without brushing your teeth. The same with art and prayer. 15 minutes a day of art and prayer- at the least.
Try it you'll like it.
thanks for looking- take the time off if you need it( after brushing your creative teeth, of course) and post an entry and leave a comment.
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  1. interesting. cute punch. brushing your creative teeth... mmm

  2. Very nice!!! I really like the colors!!


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