Monday, March 12, 2012

Be kind to dragons

Are there two kinds of people in the world? People who think there are two kinds of people and people who don't?

I'm thinking there are two kinds of girls:
Girls who want to ride unicorns
Girls who want to ride dragons.
Cyberscribes ATC monthly swap theme is Dragons/Frogs so I had to join in. Dragonwise.

The background is hand lettered Dragons and Frogs in Stardust pen, then colorized with Distress Stains, antique linen and picket fence.

The stamps very old All Night Media, embossed and painted with watercolors, glaze pens and stardust pens. Painting the little red tongue was the most fun.
The back features a stamp by fiber friend and neighbor Mary Lounsbury at Leaf and Lizard.
Each time I do a swap I'm in denial that I have to make multiples. This swap was ten and I've learned to make 12, as I like the last 2 better than the first 2, so I can switch them out.

Comments, questions, please leave them and be kind to dragons ( and the girls who love them)


  1. Excellent suggest - making 12 instead of 10.

  2. What a lovely blog, Robyn!

  3. hello Robyn,

    come on with those dragons !
    We all love fantasy here in our house and of course we have a housedragon :)

    Cute ATC's.
    I love the coloring with distress stains : one of my favorite coloringmaterials !

    greetings from Belgium


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