Friday, March 16, 2012

Knitting the Sweater You Want from the Yarn You Have

Here is the project sheet and a small piece of the yarn.
The pattern is my own body .
The yarn is the Pantone color of the year- Tangerine Tango- and I've had the yarn since the 60's.
I wanted to use up the yarn-beautiful lush fluffy mohair and make a sweater to inspire knitters to create the garments that they want, rather than a pattern they are willing to settle for.
It makes for sense to me to start with an dream of a garment and some lovely yarn then to start with a finished pattern and try to fit my dream into it's box.

Here is the sweater. It fits me, is flattering and goes great with cami's, turtlenecks, black, pink and even other orange shades.

You can do this- I can help.
Comments always welcomed.


  1. Robyn this is a beautiful sweater! I love the colour of the wool ! it does look like the 60s that is for sure but isn't it nice that it is such a colour that you can wear with so many colours too. Very pretty and very well made too. judy


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