Friday, March 30, 2012

Creative Chemistry -Day 8

This technique (and the Perfect Pearl Piles-see next post) are worth the price of this class.
The scan does not do them justice. when I have time(!?) and use this in the future I will get a better photo.
I love how the crackle paint looks like leaf veins and now I'm getting the use of the stains.

 These two tags illustrate the techniques- hey- I did the homework.
I like to show off my "mistakes".
I'll keep at it, and I want you to also.
Yesterday a friend shared she took a silk painting class and the teacher was so accomplished what she took home from the class was she couldn't ever be good enough to paint silk, and it took her almost ten years to try.
T!m and I both want you to just do it! Have fun, play, get inky.

To the right, is an acrylic paint resist- you can see the lovely flourish I did in snowcap and not the lovely gingko in metallic.
It's just a sample. More experimentation needed with sticky back canvas to get the paint flowing.

Thanks for all your kind words and comments.

Watch this space for the new Spring Quietfire Design Rubber coming soon.

To read what is on my heart, please visit Still Waters Refuge. Prayer requests always welcome.

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