Friday, March 23, 2012

Creative Chemistry -Day 4

Watercolor painting with re-inkers. I  never used this stamp and it has been longing to be colored.
 They say the Great Masters only three colors, {T!m had 36 in his pallette} I only had 3 reinkers, so I cheated and used some of my pads, tho mostly I stuck to the technique. I might use watercolor paper next time.
I enjoy using  waterpens and craft sheet is my favorite pallette and it enables you to create the back( see below left)

The Back -I'm having fun using the back of the technique tags to clean up the craft sheet!

Layered Misting- I  like a bit more control. I used an architectural template as a stencil, the spry leaked and I like the effect. I might spend some time exploring this technique.

Thanks for all your comments- always welcome- I  acknowledge all if they come through with a return address.


  1. I like the effect of the leaked spray, too!

  2. Great tags! I had the leakage on the misting one too, but he then said later on (lots of people must have) that is is a very light mist and let it sit and light mist again...Then it worked for me. That first one is so pretty it could be a note card.


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