Monday, September 8, 2014

NC Mountain State Fair-----T stands for Tuesday

The Mountain State Fair is the place to be
 People and rides and animals to see.

The South will rise again!
 as long as we have enough oil!

Every Child is a winner
May that be so!
I love the step stool so little ones can
Step Right up!!!

Our Tax dollars at work
and God bless them!
This guy cares and protects our land and gave out some lovely posters.

 Before the web....
I spend several hours in the exhibit hall demoing spinning!
 My students won blues!
 My best in show.
Judging is subjective.
Yes! 816 lbs!
 and some friends and relations.

My fav harvest baskets

I loved that the exhibits were donated to a shelter.
The woodworkers had lathes set up you could put your hand to.
When I first walked by I thought they were carving biscuits!
They are Santas!
Or... you could milk a cow!

Veggie Creations!
Flower creations!
The Fair runs through the 14th, so what are you waiting for?
Hop over to T stands for Tuesday to see what others have to say about food and drink.
Then Journal about the fair and share at

Comments and questions always welcomed!


  1. Your State Fair looks a LOT like Kansas'. Except for the Confederate things, of course. We're pretty much Yankees around here.

    I really enjoyed walking the fair grounds with you and having fun seeing the people and crafts. Some of those veggie crafts were funny. That pumpkin was nice for its size. I've seen some in the 8-900 lb range that were so distorted (flat and elongated) you couldn't really tell what they were.

    I have never seen Kansas donate anything. That was very thoughtful AND someone who put this part of the fair together knew what they were doing. I think our baked goods sit for four or five days, then go back to the recipient. I know that's how it works at the county fair level. Kudos to whoever.

    Thanks for taking us with you to the fair for T this week, dear. I really enjoyed it.

    1. glad you enjoyed it! It was a great day at the fair and the light was perfect for photos.
      I guess the same businesses do as many fairs as they can, so they could all look similar.

  2. I love fairs but I keep missing ours due to one thing or another. Yours looks awesome
    Bridget #3

  3. Fabulous Event - Thank you so much for all this great photos! I enjoyed walking the fair grounds with you!
    Happy T-DAY Robyn!

  4. Hello and Happy T Day! WOW these pictures were amazing, how did you mange to get so many and so good. I can never do that at our smaller fairs, you have to watch out for fast walkers, tubes and wires on the ground and such. Great job on these. It looks like a fun place to be, haven't been to a state fair since I was about 13. All I remember is the big pumpkin and baby pigs. I enjoyed all of this and wish I lived closer to go. Thanks for sharing, have a great week.

    1. The light was perfect that day, and I edit the photos using iPhoto and photo apps.

  5. Thank you for sharing your fab and colorful fair photos!
    I can almost smell some of them ;-)
    Your spinning must be great fun to watch.
    Happy T Day!

  6. Loved your photos! You gave us an entire Fair experience :) I want that sky ride at our fair!

  7. Lots of fun to visit the fair through your camera lens. So colorful and so much variety. Am I correct that you have spinning students who won blue ribbons? Also liked the dress that won Best of Show but I can't judge since I didn't see the competition..


  8. How fun! We skipped the state fair this year. I keep thinking about entering some items in the county fair but I never seem to get around to it on time. :)

  9. what a beautiful day at the fair!! Thanks for all the fun and colorful photos. I LOVE those yarns and that dress. Happy T day to you. And thanks for your comment on my blog. I just may have something coming up to be able to link to your monthly poetry challenge:)

  10. Wow! What a fabulous fair!! I would love to be there and wander aound seeing all the sights and hearing all the different sounds and smelling the smells and milking a cow! How cool is that?! I enjoyed your post very much :D

  11. Oh how I love state or local fairs! So much fun and the "bad" food (friend dough and the like) are always so yummy! I liked the vegetable creations - those cute little painted gourds. Happy T-day!

  12. Our county fair should start next week, can't wait. I love to see all the exhibits, but unlike yours, it's just a county fair and the exhibits are much smaller. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed the pictures. LOVE the dress you made!

  13. Robyn this is great!!! Thanks so much for sharing! Sorry i'm a bit late this week getting around....I just never can seem to catch up!
    We have some Harvest Festivals coming up that i'm really looking forward to! Hugs! deb

  14. This is very reminiscent of the NY State Fair, too! We also have a lot of local 4H type fairs where crafts and amazing produce are displayed. A lot of the food concessions remind me of any large flea market venue here, too. Thanks for sharing your day with us!

  15. Wow! Love the fair photos...fabulous! gorgeous quilt show too...

  16. I am a big fair fan! Love the pictures. The confederate picture is interesting.


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