Monday, September 29, 2014

T is for Tuesday- Veggie Dilemma

Today(being tuesday) I am a person of presence in a Mom and teens day for incarcerated women and their teen children.
I made these journals for the women, and am praying they will be able to take them back into the prison. 
I'm also bring cookies, and I'm making several kinds- these are basic ginger snaps.
My beverage of choice today is oat straw with fresh turmeric and ginger.
The turmeric from Full Circle Farm, gets more colorful when you cut it.
The ginger from Ol' Turtle Farm is just one of the most amazing and flavorful veggies you have ever seen, or eaten, grown by master grower Eileen.

So, this brings us to the dilemma.
Y'all know my phood philosophy.
My time with the women and teens, will include booth snacks, lunch and dinner, where, honesty I'm expecting to not want to eat anything, except my snacks.
My bottom line is if asked to bring something I bring what I would eat, and I can make snacks that will pass in popular culture.
This event in particular is not about me. It's about making a safe and enjoyable environment  for visitation for families.
It's a time for me to learn, rather than to teach.
Everyone learns, everyone teaches.
That being said, I still have to put food on my plate and make my best effort to look like I am eating it.
You get the picture.
Please leave me a comment if you have thoughts to share on this topic.

Comments and Questions always welcomed.

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Journal Stamp by Quietfire Design


  1. Wow you are doing a great job there, love those ginger snap cookies, one of my favourites but always bought ones
    Bridget #2

  2. The last time I bought fresh ginger was about two years ago. I've used it in cooking Thai food, but never ginger snaps. These sound wonderful.

    You are doing a good thing for these women. I hope they can appreciate the time and love you have put into the snacks and journals. I'm sure there will be some who can, while others might not. It all depends on how hardened they have become in prison.

    I'm not sure what to tell you about the food. I try to find things I can eat, even if it's just a potato or veggie. Sometimes that's enough for me. Hope it will be for you, too.

    Thanks for sharing your tea, cookies, and journals with us for T this week. Good luck with your event.

  3. I love your journals and what a great thing to introduce to the women and their teens.

  4. Great what you do there ... that sounds so good to me!
    This ginger snap cookies look yummie!
    The journals are beautiful- hope they can take them with them!
    Happy T-Day!

  5. This is a nice thing you are doing, and I hope the journals you made will be allowed. You really put a lot of love and effort into both them and the cookies. Hope the day goes well!

  6. I've never heard of drinking oat straw. You can drink oat straw? I try to stretch my food experiences a bit beyond what I'm used to, but there are still times (like your blog post) when I'm exposed to something totally beyond my expectations. Thx!

  7. Great journals, great stamp. I hope you find something on the "menu" that suits you. Certainly you are giving your time and effort to a good cause.


  8. what gorgeous journals...I should think the women & girls will be touched and appreciative, even if they don't show it. You never know when something you say or do will be a turning point for someone else! Hope there will be some veggies or fruit for you to enjoy...those cookies certainly look delicious! good luck at the event...blessings to you for your effort and caring!

  9. Have a good day treating the Moms and Teens to your gifts :) I think they're lovely! I like to use both, ginger and turmeric, but have never used the turmeric root! Thanks for sharing that and thank you for helping others :)

  10. Now you have be craving gingersnaps, which I haven't had for years and years. Great work you're doing. I hope they can take the journals back with them. Happy T-Day! :)

  11. Oh wow, what a wonderfully creative and thoughtful idea, Bridget. Thanks for sharing! And I apologize about the difficulty in commenting on my website. I'll see what I can do to fix it, but thanks for letting me know!

  12. That must be some really healthy drink! Lovely idea for the journals. Happy Tuesday!

  13. Beautiful journals Robin and what a wonderful thing you are doing for and with these ladies.

    Can't help with the phood delima.

    Happy T-day

  14. Perhaps you can sneak some little something in your purse to eat other than the snacks you are bringing?? Or perhaps you let the day be an exception to your know there are always those out there....Hugs! deb

  15. Your journals are just stunning! I reckon I could live off gingersnaps if I tried.


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