Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Be Free

This weeks By hand Challenege is, "Free".
I feel very free when I sing.
why do butterflies signify freedom?
The background is luminescent japanese water color
Stamps are Quietfire (still can't seem to embed a live link? help here please)
Flourish versamark stamped and pan pastels on top
Star dust pens on the message.
here is the link to the challenge-or it's in the sidebar.
created byhand challenge


  1. very nice. Love those butterflies.

    When you are working on your new post. Highlight the words you want to have a link on - like "Created By Hand"
    Click on the little chain icon next to the T color button at the top of your editing box.
    Paste the URL in the pop up window that appears. (it's easiest if you have 2 windows open at the same time, one for the web site you want to link from - which you copy the link - and your blog post) ALWAYS copy the link rather than typing it in.
    Hope this helps


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