Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This weeks Tuesday Byhand Challenge is "gratitude with pocket".
I woke to a grey and steely sky knowing it was snowing somewhere( soon here) and filled with gratitude for my warm house. I pray a lot for people and animals out in the cold. I'm grateful for shelters, inner and outer.
I haven't seen my bear since before thanksgiving and hope he is safe and warm in his den as this bear is in his pocket.
The background is versa magic chalk ink
I used a Pilot Parallel Pen available through, Quitefire, to write gratitude with watercolors.
Stamps I have collected along the way.
Click on the pix to get a larger image.
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  1. Very nice and I like the explanation.

    PS the pen is a Pilot Parallel Pen available through Quietfire, but not made by Quietfire.

  2. correction noted and changed and thanks for the kind words


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