Sunday, January 3, 2010

Star of David

I was just asked for weaving draft for a Star of David. I wove this as a challah cloth of a wedding gift a few years ago for a cousin. The original draft came from and I mess about with it till I was happy with the result.
The fiber is Tencel woven at 24epi and 24 ppi, woven on an 8 shafts. I changed the tredleing to a birds eye twill for the body of the towel.
I love weaving for worship. I made tallit for two of my nephews and look forward to weaving one for my niece in the near future.

I have the draft saved as a word doc-I wish it was a WIF, and can't figure out how to get it on this page.
leave a comment if you can help with that.
I'm new at this and I'm teachable.

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