Monday, June 30, 2014

Lemon Balm- T is for Tuesday-

Most of my life I heated and cooked with wood, and when my tea got cold I just popped it into the warming oven.
Now, I have this handy dandy cup warmer next to my desk.
I'm enjoying a cup of lemon balm tea- said to be good for nerve pain- Shingles!- in this lovely cup made by my DD.
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  1. I invested in one of those warmers a few years ago. Instead of warming my coffee or tea, I decided to try using it to heat beeswax. It keeps the wax warm, but doesn't heat it enough initially. I think I like your idea better. And I adore that cup that looks like it belongs with the warmer. I have all kinds of lemon balm in my front flower bed, so I may have to cut some for tea soon. Thanks for the inspiration, and for sharing this beautiful mug and warmer for T. Have a great 4th, too.

  2. Happy T Day! What a pretty mug you have and I love the idea of a warmer. Have a wonderful day!

  3. What a pretty mug. I think I drink my tea and coffee too fast to need a warmer but the idea is nice. It would make a nice gift.


  4. Here's hoping the tea works for your nerve pain lickety split...that is no fun at all!
    That is a pretty display of the Gooseneck Loosetrife ...
    we have that going wild on our side yard and the bees Love it.
    I really enjoy my tea and coffee piping hot so I tend it drink it down fairly quickly...
    your warmer is a nice way to linger with your cuppa tho!
    Take care and Happy T Day

  5. Hope the tea helps. Very pretty mug!

  6. A lovely mug...I do hope the tea soothes your discomfort and you are feeling better soon!

  7. Shingles! :( I'm hoping you feel much better soon.

    I love your cup. The design is pretty, I like the shape, and that color on the inside... sweet! :)

  8. I do enjoy lemon balm tea and I certainly hope it helps you feel better. I have a candle warmer not a cup warmer but that sounds like a nice idea. Your mug is beautiful. Happy T day!

  9. I had one of those given to me.......thought i would never use it so got rid of i wish i had it....LOL! Hugs!deb

  10. Great little cup warmer :) and thanks for the tip about lemon balm tea.
    I love the poem on your journal pages. On this Canada Day, where I live, I am very thankful that I was born here. There is far too much suffering in the world today!

    1. thanks for your kind words. I do hope you will post a page!

  11. That is a cool thing to keep the tea warm. I think I should try to find one. Will hop in to your journal blog.
    Have a lovely week Robyn

  12. Lemon Balm tea sounds delicious! I might have to chill mine to counteract the mugginess though lol. Hope you are feeling better soon. Beautiful mug.

  13. I have one of those in a drawer that I haven't used since I got the thermal mug as a gift. If you have shingles--I hope you get rid of them quickly. I have known people who have had them and they're awful! Happy T-Day--despite the shingles.


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