Wednesday, June 11, 2014

WOYWW June 11-Shout Out to Julia!- An Invitation cont...

Julia was taken ill while on vaca and is in the  hospital! We know what to do, so lets keep on desking for Julia!
New Stamps!!!!
Huge shout out to Marlene, for the fab gift of background and texture stamps.
I forget how much I love a wood mounted stamps.
The naked rubber comes via Bibi, at RubberDance.
Stay tuned for the dancing girls tryptic!
Stamp like nobodies watching! LOL!

I need an entire day set aside to find my desk! organize and get into a space where there is room to move!
I'll call you when I get there!

The big news in my digital life is the launch of my new blog
Yes a WOYWW copy cat, visit my post, come back and post yours with Mr Linky and enjoy a World Wide Web (eventually) tour of other PJers, be inspired, read lots of great poetry, and 
Have Fun!

Super shout out to Julia!~
The initial inspiration for this digital cutting file design from Suzanne at Quietfire Design came from a very sweet piece that Julia from WOYWW created which you can see here.
You get all the pieces you need in the one file!
you can read more about this on Suzanne's blog.

Leave your comments here and I will soon be at your place doing the same.
Leave me your Poetry Journal Pages here, and be sure to leave a comment too, to win some fab rubber stamps!


  1. Wow look at all the lush RUBBAR on your desk this week wow lots to play with
    Happy WOYWW
    hugs Nikki
    My Desk

    1. Hey Robyn if you want any of the buttons there is a page full of them on my blog just right click and save as then add them as an image to your blog hugs Nikki

  2. Gorgeous collection of stamps, love the cards.
    No numbers today as Julia is ill but you probably know already.
    Happy crafting, Angela @Felix the Crafty Cat x

  3. As Julia is out of action this week, I am working from last week's list. In case you have not read Lunch Lady Jan's blog, Julia is actually in hospital, and Jan will let us know how things are. You have a lovely lot of things on show this week. I hope you get plenty of time to enjoy using it this week. xx Maggie

  4. Hello Robyn. One very busy desk there - if you find a whole day, will you let me know where I can find it too? That way I can catch up with the VERY lengthy "to do" list!!
    Take care


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