Monday, July 7, 2014

Find yourself a cup....T for Tuesday.

This is one of my favorite Quietfire Design Stamps.
The background is a stamp I carved.
The inside of the card is a digital file from Extreme Cards, that I tweaked just a bit.
How fun is that???
She says you can cut it by hand.
I say, YOU can cut it by hand. I love my Cameo!
My drink of choice all summer long is watermelon juice.
Just cut it up and whir it in the blender.
For the 4th I made cocktails ,
The Montreat Peacemaker
Add to a quart blender jar
-cut up watermelon
-dash of hot sauce
-handful of ice
-a few mint leaves
Blend well.
Pour into 4-6 chilled glasses
Add one shot of  rum or vodka in each glass.
Garnish with a flag stuck in a piece of watermelon and a spring of mint!
After one of two of these you are feeling very peaceful!!

Comments and questions welcomed!


  1. Oh wow, Robyn. You have a gorgeous garden. And I'm laughing at the number of drinks needed to get you peaceful. For me it would be two SIPS.

    Now did I read that correctly? YOU made the background stamp? You are a true artist. I'm super impressed. And of course, that sentiment says it all. This is simply fantastic.

    Thanks for sharing your many talents with us this week for T. Your post made me smile beyond belief!

    BTW, you are right about those blossoms. The one I had tasted like dirt and dust.

    1. thanks for the kind words!
      I'm encouraged to hear your T4T has been going for just a year. My Poetry Journal Blog is getting off to a slow start.
      See you on Tuesday( and Wednesday!)

  2. Hello and happy early T day! What a fun and pretty post today, love it all. That drink looks amazing and perfect among your flowers. I want that sweet little card, how cute and perfect for T day.
    Thank you for sharing such a pretty post today.l

  3. that is a really awesome card...I'm with Elizabeth...terrific stamp you carved! the drink looks lovely too...I guess the hot sauce gives it some kick?! along with the vodka of course! ☺

  4. I love the stamp you carved! and the card is altogether beautiful!

  5. Love your tea card very much and that drinks looks so refreshing
    Bridget #1

  6. Well i have to say that drink looks YUMMY! And that tea card ! Out of this world!! Hugs! deb

  7. Your carved teapot stamp is fabulous and made such a special card with the surprise inside!

    Watermelon juice certainly is a perfect summertime drink...
    Thanks for sharing and
    Happy T Day

  8. Your tea card is lovely! I want that flowered cup. The steam rising from it is perfect. :) Cutting it out by hand would be a delicate mission.

  9. What an amazing card. Very creative. I'm anxious to try your watermelon drink. We just finished a watermelon yesterday so I guess it is back to the store for me.


  10. Great carved stamp Robyn. Love the tea pot and saucer card but I would never have the patience to hand cut and don't have a cameo. Your watermelon drinks both sound so refreshing-I may just pick up a watermelon later today:) Happy T day to you- and thanks for sharing the drinks.

  11. What a wonderful backdrop for your very pretty drink. LOVE watermelon, must give it a try.

    Those are great! Love the way you cut the tea pot and cup.

    Thanks for the earlier visit.

  12. What an awesome card, how clever of you to do that, I have never seen anything like it before. Now that is a delicious drink especially with vodka, what time did you say drinks were?

    Happy Tuesday
    Hugs Eliza

  13. Super card! Love the cut out. The watermelon drink looks refreshing....and pretty.

  14. I love your carved teapot!
    Clever carved card. I could never manage that, I don't think.
    Watermelon juice--now that's something I've never had but it sounds delicious!
    Happy T-Day! :)

  15. Love your carved stamp! And what a fun pop up. The watermelon juice looks delicious and lovely framed by your mint.

  16. Your carved stamp is awesome! The inside of the card is equally beautiful! Hope you had a happy tea day!

  17. Happy T-Day!
    Wonderful carved stamp and the card is beautiful. Your drink looks cool and a dash of hot sauce (I'll have to try that). I think I am with Elizabeth ... 2 sips are enough to make me feel pretty peaceful!


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