Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Get off my desk!!!!

 If you make a lot of stuff, and have a desk, even if you tidy every evening, there is a pile   are piles of paper and stamps and things that just seem to defy stowing away.

My latest practice to take these piles and make at least one ATC at the end of each day.

This little journal-about 5"x6" has a cover from a note card sent to me by my wonderful and talented SIL Diana.
It now lives again with inside pages of watercolor paper and end covers of doss paper.
 I am going to give this away to the best excuse for why you have not yet posted an entry on my new blog community
Poetry Journal Monthly.
Hop over and visit, leave a comment to be entered in the prize drawing, leave me a comment here, and if you win, you must fill it with a poetry journal page and post it!
Scouts Honor!

ATC's all with stuff found on my desk!

 All stamps by Quietfire Design, soon to be filed away in my new stamp file system.

The backs.
I wish this John Wesley quote was lettered by Quietfire!

I got this Distress embossing powder for an online class I haven't finished, and used it here for the first time.

I have no idea where these watercolor postcards came from. They are marked for "Kids Series" which seems to be an excuse to use poor quality materials.
Kids and all beginners should have the best you can by.
We old hands can make do with whatever.
I was temped to toss them into the blender and use them as a base for paper making, and ended up using them to experiment.
Lower right hand corner another up cycled card from Diana.
(Blog Diana, Blog)
All stamps by Quietfire Design. I love this Sit by Me sentiment- just the fight amount of fluffy and snide.
That one might have to stay on the desk!

Comments and Questions welcomed.

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  1. Whoa, love the star atc bottom left! And what a sweet little journal! You've been busy!


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