Monday, July 21, 2014

T 4 Tuesday- Meet Julia Child!

Meet Julia Child.
She's being a bit shy on this cloudy day, so you'll have to be content with her 4 buds.
The blooms are butter yellow, and scented of anise.

I'm continuing with the lemon balm tea, here sitting in the stevia plant pot hoping for a bit of sun to seep it.

While you're here enjoying your beverage of choice, do scroll down to see what else I have been up to, while I pop 'round your place to do the same!

Comments and questions welcomed!


  1. My Grandmother's favorite rose was yellow, so these made me especially happy to see.

    One thing I learned about sun tea is, you don't REALLY need sun to steep tea. But I must try some lemon balm tea, because I have a ton of it in my flower bed.

    Thanks for sharing these lovely blooms and tea in-the-making with us for T this week, dear.

  2. Steep tea in sun? I must try this
    Bridget #1

  3. that lemon balm tea sounds so good right now-I'll have to see if my neighbor has any in her yard:)

  4. An Anise scented rose = wowee!
    Your sun tea looks perfect perched there in your pretty garden...
    Enjoy ♥ Enjoy and Happy T Day

  5. I love yellow roses! Lemon balm tea sounds tasty. The only lemon tea I've had is the Bigelow Lemon Lift. Not at all the same, I'm sure. lol

  6. A cheerful and sunny view of your flowers and tea! great idea to use some stevia in it...happy T day!

  7. Yellow flowers are always so cheerful looking, so I really like your photo this week.
    Thanks for sharing........Happy T-day

  8. Our rose bush has yet to give us a bloom this year, so I enjoyed seeing yours! Happy T Day!

  9. What a lovely place to "brew" some tea. It will taste all the better for having been in that particular spot I'm sure.


  10. Lemon sun tea with ice sounds good on this hot day! The yellow blossoms are lovely.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  11. Is that a yellow rose? Wish I could see the bloom.
    Have a lovely week Robyn

  12. Pretty flowers...hope the tea was yummy. :)
    Happy Tuesday!


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