Monday, July 14, 2014

T is for Tuesday-Picasso, Perrier and Pottery

Happy 1st Anniversary. B and B invited us to bring back a fav post, and I've only been joining you for a few weeks, so I am sharing my favorite post of today!
I left a comment on the Dreamweaver Stencil FB page, and won a free stencil! I didn't even know I had entered a contest!
I had been wanting the Picasso stencil, that is more of a tool- as Dreamweaver put it in their lovely note to me( the REJOICE card) It's the tool you won't know how you lived without it!-so here I am on the porch, messing about with the tool and sending thanks.

The lovely mug is another made by my DD, and the Perrier
(which brings us to T is for Tuesday- do go check it out!)
is by Andy Warhol! ????
I hung out with that Factory crowd many moons ago.
Did Andy design labels for Perrier?
No other fizzy water quite does it for me on these long summer afternoons!

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  1. Gosh Robyn, I love your post. It is wonderful that you won that "tool." I can see why they called it that, since it helps mask things you don't want seen.

    I'm a BIG fan of Andy Warhol. I've seen several of his assemblages in LA, and some of his art in Chicago and other places. I'm glad you brought this to our attention. I must find some Perrier, because it's been a LONG time since I've had any. And I agree, because I think it's so much better than Pellegrino.

    Thanks for joining T today, with your lovely cup made by your DD, your new gift, and your fizzy water. BTW, one of these days, I'm going to have to write a poem and join you at Poetry Journal Monthly.

    1. Thanks for the kind words! we;ll have to have a cup of tea someday and I can tell you some Factory Stories!
      I'd love to see you join the PJ community. It's been slow to start- I'm hopeful!

  2. I was going to say how beautiful your mug was, and then I saw your DD made it, wow! Even better : ). And yum, Perrier. I had no idea Andy Warhol worked with Perrier. Finally kudos on winning a stencil! I think won things are such fun, especially if you didn't know you were entering lol. Off to check out the stencil!

  3. Congrats on your win, but like the others I found that mug your DD made magnificent!
    Have thought about PJM, and have checked it out, just haven't taken the plunge yet.
    Happy T-day

  4. Hello and Happy T Day!, What a beautiful post you have shared today, so neat to be outside enjoying the summer isn't it. Your mug is wonderful and homemade gift are the best. YAY for winning the stencil, looks great. Have a good week.

  5. Congratulations on your win, I love outdoors photos like yours
    Bridget #4

  6. Love is your favorite. :) Live in the moment!! Awesome cards. Great idea with the stencil on the card.

  7. Lucky you having a talented potter in the family...
    that cup is wonderful!
    and congrats on your win...
    everything about your photo today is right up my alley!
    Happy T Day

  8. I love that mug, and that it's made by your DD makes it even more special. Sweet :) Happy T Day!

  9. love the cup-how cool to have a potter in the family. Your cards are wonderful-that sounds like a fun tool to play with. Happy T day!

  10. It is always nice to get surprises but to win something you were not expecting is an added bonus and good for you. Love your post this week and I didn't know that about Andy either, hhhmmm interesting.

    Happy Tuesday
    Hugs Eliza

  11. Fabulous mug made by your DD! love handmade...great art supplies too...looks like you will be having fun...

  12. That is a beautiful table set up. Love the cup your DD made and don't you just love to win something?! I recently won a box of stuff
    that someone cleaned out their craft room.... One mans trash is another mans treasure..LOL! Hugs! deb

  13. Your work area looks so inviting, I imagine it peaceful and quiet. So glad you joined T Tuesdays and that we met up in blogland.


  14. Have fun with your new stencil, and have a Happy T Day!!! :)

  15. Cool win! Love the mug! Perrier is fizzy? Really? Who knew...not me. :) happy T day. Hugs

  16. Congrats on winning! Those are pretty cards. Your daughter makes really beautiful pottery.
    Happy T-Day anniversary! :)

  17. It is always fun to win a giveaway, especially if it is a surprise! I'm sure there will be may pretty projects using that stencil. Awesome cup made by your DD! Happy T anniversary!

  18. Congrats on your win Robyn. The Thank you cards that you have created are beautiful. The mug that has been gifted to you is also lovely. I think I need to check this Dreamwave Stencils. I too am a big fan of stencils.Have a lovely week


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